Online Backup and Recovery

What if all of your data was lost?
Are you sure your tape backup is working?
Is there enough time and do you have a large enough tape to backup all of your data every night?
Can you afford an extended outage?
Are you sick of dealing with tapes?

Online backup is becoming a very popular method of protecting data.  We have implemented a solution that will reliably protect your system.  The following information outlines some of the details of our solution:

Our solution will backup:

  • Multiple different operating systems including Windows, Mac OS X, Netware and Linux
  • Multiple database platforms including SQL, MySQL, Oracle, and DB2
  • Multiple email platforms including Exchange, GroupWise, and Lotus Notes

Our solution also provides:

  • State of the art encryption
  • Agentless technology
  • Local AND Remote backup and recovery
  • We provide a local storage device to backup all files to as well as uploading the backup files to our data center.
  • Internet bandwidth throttling
  • Daily Monitoring of your backup jobs
  • Unlimited toll free support 24 hours a day 365 days a year

Our solution costs:

  • $5/GB/Month up to 50GB
  • $3/GB/Month over 50GB
  • There is a $25 minimum monthly charge
  • Installation is FREE
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